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Texas Division on Career Development and Transition

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Texas DCDT believes it is important to keep members and prospective members up-to-date on Texas DCDT meetings and to provide relevant resources that may be of interest. While we are operating as a non-profit corporation in Texas, we are NOT a 501c3 corporation for federal purposes. We are actively working towards attaining 501c3 corporation, and our application for reinstatement as a 501c3 corporation is pending with the Internal Revenue Service.


Education & Training
Employment and Career Planning
Federal Government
State Government
Independent Living & Community Participation
Organizations and Resource Centers
Parent Resources
Youth Resources
Transition Technical Assistance

Texas DCDT Governance and Reporting Documents

Texas DCDT has recently had its 501c3 status retroactively reinstated by the Internal Revenue Service. We are able to receive tax deductible donations.

Texas DCDT ByLaws
IRS 501c3 Determination Letter
2014 Texas DCDT Report on Goals for 2014-2015 and Activities for 2013-2014
2014 Texas Secretary of State Certificate for Non-Profit Report
Texas Secretary of State Certificate for Reinstatement
2014 Federal Tax Form 990ez
2013 Federal Tax Form 990ez
2012 Federal Tax Form 990ez
2011 Federal Tax Form 990ez
2010 Federal Tax Form 990ez
2009 Federal Tax Form 990ez
2008 Federal Tax Form 990ez
2007 Federal Tax Form 990ez

Meeting Agendas

Board Meeting Agenda 02-18-2015
Board Meeting Agenda 01-14-2015
Board Meeting Agenda 11-17-2014
Board Meeting Agenda 10-24-2014
Board Meeting Agenda 09-15-2014
Board Meeting Agenda 08-20-2014


Treasurer's Reports

Treasurer's Report 10-24-2015


Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting 09-15-2014
Board Meeting General Membership Meeting 02-27-2014
Board Meeting 03-24-2014
Board Meeting 01-22-2014